Daily Message – Day 7

Good afternoon everyone,

I am blown away with your creativity, resilience and passion for learning over the last week in such strange times. I would like to thank you, your teachers and your parents for making sure that nothing stops you from learning. Every single Roughwood Learner has risen to the challenge and gone above and beyond to ensure that we make the most of a difficult situation.

Your teachers are doing a superb job in delivering online lessons and checking in with you, which is so important at this time. We know that it is hard for many people within our community but the challenges set by Mrs Fearnley has been met with determination and your messages to vulnerable members of the community are getting out there too.

I’m not sure when it will be but we will all be together again soon and in the meantime, we will continue to keep in touch regularly.  Keep your wonderful photos of your learning coming in and we will make sure to share with your friends on our website.

Mrs Fearnley has the following message for us all.

Take care and keep safe,

Mr Williams

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