School Uniform


Below are a few examples of places where you can purchase the Royal Blue uniform, including prices.  Please note that it is Royal Blue only and not Navy blue which is also available from many suppliers.

To complete your child’s school uniform they require: 

  • White or Royal Blue polo shirt – compulsory 
  • Black/grey trousers/skirts/pinafore dress (tailored school shorts can also be worn in warmer weather) – compulsory 
  • Blue gingham dress – Optional
  • Grey or black tights (no bright colours) – Optional
  • Black trainers or shoes with no coloured markings.  Boots may be worn in winter – compulsory 

Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform.  Jeans, leggings, coloured tights and trainers are not part of the school uniform.

Branded uniforms can be purchased from Pinders in Rotherham. The branded uniform is not compulsory and the uniform can be purchased from any retailer. A second-hand uniform is always available from the school. Please speak with your child’s teacher or visit us at Parents Evenings.

PE Kit

PE kit should be available in school from a Monday to a Friday.  PE kit consists of:

  • White polo shirt/t-shirt
  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE
  • Pumps/trainers for PE 
  • Girls long hair must be tied back for PE

Hair colour and styles

We ask parents not to send their child to school with “extreme” hairstyles, or the sort of appearance that is likely to draw attention. This includes Mohican styles, hair extensions, shaved patterns or anything other than naturally coloured hair.


Children are not permitted to wear false nails/nail extensions in school due to health and safety.  Nails may not be painted during school times.


On the grounds of health and safety, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. Children are able to wear a watch which should be removed for PE.  An exception is earring studs in pierced ears. We ask children to remove these during PE and games or to cover them with a plaster if ears are newly pierced. Parents are to supply the plasters.  School accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to earrings or watches.

Download Uniform Booklet