Childrens University

What is Children’s University?
Children’s University encourages and rewards children and young people for taking part in learning activities of their choice in their own time. Research shows that children and young people who are rewarded for choosing to learn out of school feel proud and confident about their achievements and do better at school.

What are the awards?
Children’s achievements are celebrated with award certificates and badges. To do this we count the learning credits that they earn out of school time – one for each hour. Roughwood is an approved provider of Children’s University activities and so all clubs at school will earn children credits towards their certificates.

The national awards are:

How do I log activities?
Your child will have a login to access the Children’s University Dashboard. Once you log in, you can enter the Club Code given to you after completing the activity. This will then log your child’s hours. Login to your account.

Can we collect points out of school?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is register at a club that is working with Children’s University. You can find a provider here. If you are already participating in a club but they are not working with Children’s University then why not ask them to get involved. All they need to do is become an approved provider.