Willow Oaks Early Years

Willow Oaks Early Years

At Willow Tree Academy, we have designed a curriculum that ensures a profound primary experience for all our pupils. This is underpinned by a spiritual, moral, social and cultural education that encourages personal growth and development of core British Values in our children. Our curriculum engages and enthuses them through first hand-experiences. It is well planned to build knowledge and skills in a continuous and progressive way. Read more about our curriculum and ethos

We believe that the foundations to learning are crucial to developing a life long love of learning which is why we offer provision from as young as two. Children starting with is in our Little Acorns class at the age of two can continue through our school and leave prepared for secondary school with the skills they need to succeed.

Willow Oaks Early Years
Our Willow Oaks Early Years is split between three classes which are as follows:

Little Acorns – For 2 & 3-Year-olds

Acorns – Foundation 1. For 3 & 4-Year-olds

Chestnuts – Foundation 2. For 4 & 5-Year-olds

Watch our short video of what in the inside of Little Acorns and Acorns looks like. We hope you agree that it is a magnificent learning space. Take a look at the photos HERE.