Kit Bag

What is KitBag?

Kitbag is a multi-sensory resource that helps children and young people discover ways to talk about their feelings and share their thoughts in a safe place. It works well in pairs and small groups. Kitbag helps school and social work staff, youth workers, parents and foster carers to reach out, listen and understand what children and young people are feeling. It creates a simple way to check in with them.

Over time, Kitbag can help them grow empathy for others. It provides a natural way to deepen relationships, grow trust and form friendships.

How can it help my child?

At Roughwood, the Kitbag could be used to help children develop their social-emotional skills, manage their emotions, and build relationships with their peers and teachers. Kitbag is currently run by Mrs Broomhead in KS1 and Miss Dickinson and Miss Cubitt in KS2. If you feel your child could benefit from Kitbag, please speak with your child’s teacher.

What is Kitbag