My Happy Mind

We have introduced a program to all-year groups at school called MyHappyMind. MyHappyMind is all based around helping children to understand how their brain works and to support them in developing positive skills and habits to be their very best selves! 

Sessions are delivered every week and teach children all about their brains and how they work. This helps children to keep a happy and healthy mind.

Letter to Parents

Download Resources – (Takes 5-minutes) and enter your name, email, and authentication code. Your authentication code is 144195 

Quotes from our children:

“It gives me time to think and I like writing in my journal. Sometimes it helps me keep calm” – Hunter

“It help’s me relax my brain and makes me feel calm if I feel frustrated” – Logan

“When you’re feeling angry you can take deep breaths to calm down. After I’ve done My Happy Mind my heart feels like it’s grown and I feel happy” – Harry

Mr Williams, Head of School:

“My Happy Mind gives children the knowledge they need about how their brains work which allows them to take control over their own mental health. The skills children are taught are increasingly being used independently which is impacting positively on the school.”

Mr Trueman, Chair of Governors:

Seriously the best programme ever! We are super grateful we joined and with all the newfound knowledge, tips and tricks we have gained together with the ongoing support. We have had some fabulous comments from our children and parents resulting in a massively positive outcome for our whole school community.