Behaviour & Restorative Practice

What is Restorative Practice?

Restorative Practices develops a community to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships.

A Restorative based school

  • Focuses on relationships
  • Gives a voice to all pupils and staff
  • Provides equal opportunities for engagement
  • Separates the deed from the doer
  • Empowers participants to learn from peers and from their own mistakes
  • Gives individuals opportunities to take responsibility for their actions

Restorative Practice is a process that puts repairing harm done to relationships and people over and above blame and punishment.  It shifts the emphasis from managing behaviour to focussing on building, nurturing and repairing relationships.

We know that a whole-school restorative approach can contribute to:

  • Happier and safer schools
  • Mutually respectful relationships
  • More effective teaching and learning
  • Reduced exclusions
  • Raised attendance
  • Addresses bullying behaviour
  • Raises morale and self-esteem
  • Helps promote a culture of inclusion and belonging
  • Increases emotional literacy

Please read our parent guide – WTA Parent RP Guide

SEMH and Scaling Tool

As a school, we support the whole school community to identify how they are feeling via our scaling system. At the start of the day and after lunch, children and staff will give themselves a number depending on how they are feeling. This allows us to have conversations and identify any support that we can give to our learners. We find that this is a wonderful way to support our well being at Roughwood.

Example of scaling chart

Class Dojo and the House System at Roughwood

At Roughwood Primary school, we pride ourselves in teaching children to take responsibility for themselves and for the wider life of the school. We have elected Heads of House and Prefects who have roles and responsibilities and are able to earn points over the year. Each child is assigned to a house each team works together and on Friday we announce the house winners. There will be a celebration event at the end of the year for the winning house to celebrate their achievements.

At Roughwood Primary School, including Early Years, we expect and encourage good behaviour and self-discipline from all pupils. These are to be the dojo categories across Willow Tree Academy.

How Dojos will work?

During class or at break times, children can earn positive dojos for following the school rules and at the end of each week, the dojo winner will receive a golden shield during special mentions assembly.

Getting involved with your child’s dojos.

At the beginning of each year, parents will be sent an individual log on to allow them to view and track their child’s Dojos. We would love all parents to sign up and see how well your child is doing.

Behaviour Policy

Download Roughwood’s behaviour policy on our Policies page.