To ensure you have the latest information we have developed this section of our website to give you all the information you need with regard to our COVID-19 response and procedures. It is important that we all follow the following procedures to ensure we can keep everyone safe and school open. Always use the Government and Local Authority websites for the latest information.

Updates from 11th January 2022
Changes to guidance Leaflet

Symptoms or Positive Cases

Please visit the Symptoms page if you have questions about what to look for. The rules about isolation have changed. Are you aware of the new rules?

We are asking that all positive cases be reported online using our online form HERE. This allows the information to get to the correct staff members as quickly as possible.

Timings of the day

Please see below the list of times classes can enter the grounds. We are giving a 5-minute break between allowing in some year groups to allow for social distancing. In bad weather, we will get everyone in as quickly as possible. We will always do everything we can to ensure that the gates are open on time. 


To allow us to open gates on time, we have an alarm system in school. This should reduce the risk of gates being late to open. 

We are supporting families to be punctual to school and we do understand that sometimes, for various reasons, children are late for school. The gates will be closed at 8:55 am to allow for registration to be completed. All children arriving after 8:55 am when the gates have been closed will need to go through reception and will receive a late mark. Please try to ensure children are on time for school. 

Please be reminded that we cannot legally release children early from school for any reason other than for medical appointments. We always ask for and require confirmation of appointments. Please speak with your child’s teacher if you are struggling with attendance. All information regarding attendance can be found at 

Coming to School

There is no restriction on the movement of parents outside. Parents are asked to keep distance where possible, not congregate on school grounds and move swiftly through school. There is currently no one-way system to make it easier for parents at drop off and collection but this could be reviewed in the future. 

Children will not line up outside school before school starts and will instead come straight into school when they arrive. This allows parents to drop off siblings if needed. Staff will be positioned outside and inside the classroom to greet children. Staff will manage congestion at the doors to allow everyone to enter safely. 


Children have the choice as to whether they bring sandwiches from home or choose from the lunchtime menu on offer (this is already available on the school website). 

The following organisation for lunchtimes  has been put in place:

  • We have changed the timings of the day slightly to allow extra time for younger children to eat their lunches. 
  • Each class has been allocated a time slot for hot dinners to ensure all children eat at the designated time. 
  • Each year group will be allocated a space to eat their lunch as this supports cleaning and sanitisation of areas in the dining hall. 
  • All tables and chairs will be wiped down before a new group of children use them.
  • Outdoor playground spaces have been timetabled to reduce congestion. We have also found that children prefer this. 

Please remember our healthy lunchbox policy – we ask that children do have crisps, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or sweets in their lunch boxes and that these are left as treats for when they are at home.

Breakfast Clubs

Our Breakfast Club runs from 7:30 am to 8:30 am. From 8:30 am children are taken to class for their morning learning. Breakfast Club is located in our Nurture Room and is accessible off of Jewitt Road through the KS2 Gates.

On arrival please ring the doorbell on the KS2 school doors for access to the school. The cost is £3 per session and is payable via Arbor.

More information is available here: 

Face Coverings

We are asking that parents wear a face covering when on site from January 2022. Please be sensitive to those who may be exempt from wearing masks. Staff are not required to wear masks while working with children, however, staff are required to wear face coverings when moving around school.


Gates will open at 3:10 pm every day to collect children. Year 5 and 6 children may walk home with permission. All other children in KS1 and KS2 will line up to be collected. We must see parents and record who children have gone home with. We will not release children to parents waiting outside the gates for Safeguarding reasons. Please move swiftly through the school and exit the grounds as practically possible to aid congestion.


All children will be required to wear a full school uniform and have an appropriate PE kit in school. Correct school uniforms will help children feel a sense of pride and belonging to our school following what has been a difficult time for many. Children wear our uniform with pride and represent the school and our values, vision and ethos.  A full list of school uniforms and expectations can be found on the school website at

Friday Afternoons

Following consultation with parents and carers, we will continue to follow the adapted timetable for the week which allows the school to finish at 1:30 pm on Fridays. This is to support PPA cover and for staff training. Using this time on Friday afternoons allows your child to have 100% contact time with their teacher and does not affect the length of the school week because the day has been extended in other areas. We will be offering a paid club for parents who require child care until 3:15 on Fridays. 

Visitors to School

We are allowing visitors and parents into the school who have appointments. Parents are asked to always contact class teachers via class DoJo in the first instance if there is a problem. We are asking that parents do not enter school without an appointment. If you have an appointment, please go to the school office. 

Rapid Lateral Flow Testing

Households can now order weekly Lateral Flow tests. We are encouraging parents to order LFT kits so that parents can test twice weekly. Read More about Home Testing HERE


We are encouraging our families to be fully vaccinated as soon as it is available. This will support schools in keeping positive cases to a minimum and to help protect the school community.  Book your COVID Vaccination at 

Returning to School – Pupil Voice 2021

We have enjoyed talking to children about what they thought of remote learning. I think everyone agreed that all our staff and parents did a tremendous job and children certainly did rise to the challenge. However, we are happy to be back at school!

Updated: 02/01/2022