Worry Boxes

Anxiety is a normal feeling that all humans experience, think of it as our brain’s alarm system. When something feels wrong or different, we become more alert in the hope that we will either resolve or run away from the problem.

For children, this feeling can be particularly overwhelming and feelings of panic and intrusive thoughts can get in the way of learning, playing and even sleeping.

As a school, we want to do whatever we can to help children to feel better and brighter and to equip them with the tools they need to grow up happy and learn.

Worry boxes help to:

  • Identify a worry: describe thoughts and feelings verbally and offer words and phrases to give these worries names and explanations.
  • Get it out: write down or draw what the worry feels like on a piece of paper.
  • Take it away: fold up the paper and put it inside the worry box to be gobbled away.
  • Move forward: At the end of each day, staff check the worry boxes for notes and then are able to support children with their worries.

After children have released their feelings, they will feel validated, supported and most importantly, calmer.
All classes at Roughwood have a worry box for children to use to communicate overwhelming feelings to a member of staff when saying the problem is too difficult. This links with our Restorative Practice and Scaling strategy in school. We believe it is important to validate emotions to support children to process and overcome difficult situations so that they can move forward. Find out more about our restorative Practice approach Here.

Our School Council put together the proposal for each class to have a worry box. Thank you School Council.