EYFS Online Safety

At Roughwood, we teach children the importance of Digital Safety right from our Early Years Provision. Please take a look at the Online Safety section of our school website.

One of the most important thing for children within EYFS is appropriate screen time.

Our primary recommendation is that families should negotiate screen time limits with their children based upon the needs of an individual child, the ways in which screens are used and the degree to which use of screens appears to displace (or not) physical and social activities and sleep. We would also adopt the expert recommendation that screens are avoided for an hour before the planned bedtime.

There is a little evidence that any specific intervention can be applied across the population to reduce screen time. We have developed four key questions for families to use as a guide to examine their screen time:

  1. Is screen time in your household controlled?
  2. Does screen use interfere with what your family want to do?
  3. Does screen use interfere with sleep?
  4. Are you able to control snacking during screen time?

If a family can ask themselves (or be asked by others) these questions, and are satisfied with the answers, then they can be reassured that they are likely to be doing as well as they can with this tricky issue.

For more information please visit: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/health-impacts-screen-time-guide-clinicians-parents

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