Makerspace project at Greasbrough library

This week, Class 5 have had an exciting morning at Greasbrough library thanks to the Makerspace project. The Makerspace project is all about people coming together to share their creative ideas, passion and inspiration in a welcoming environment. The overall aim of the morning for class 5 was to create pieces of art to go towards an exhibition which is being held at the Riverside House.

When class 5 arrived at Greasbrough library, we was introduced to Kristie Rodgers who welcomed us to the library, Kirstie explained to everyone what the morning would consist of and introduced us to the artist (Debbie Hartley) who would be running the workshop. Class 5 demonstrated their aspiration and creativity skills during the whole morning completing three activities, these were wet felting, batik textile art and wire art.

Wet felting is a very tactile activity which involves using water. The children’s creativity was tested with lots of decision making for their art work and thinking about how fibres can be made to look like elements from nature or even industry on the nearby industrial estate.


Batik is a resist method of creating surface pattern and involves the use of hot wax to create the design. The children’s patience and precision was tested with the use of hot wax to create the desired end goal they wanted to achieve.

The final activity was for children to create a fish for Greasbrough Dam. To create this piece of art the children had to use wire. To help shape the wire into a fish, the children used plyers. The children’s creativity was then tested by decorating the wire in the best way to resemble a fish.


Class 5 definitely had an amazing morning demonstrating excellent manners and showcasing the very best of what it means to be a Roughwood learner. We can’t wait to see the final piece of art which will be available as part of a showcase to see all the artwork created by the children.

Well done Class 5, you have made Mr Hood one very proud teacher!

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