Astronaut Training Day Complete!

As part of our learning about space in class 6, the children have completed a range of resilience challenges during their astronaut training day and undergone a range challenges to see if they have what it takes to become an astronaut in training.

The children have completed a range of challenges including designing healthy meals for their journey to space, learning about different planets in our universe and tasted space food – could you eat Spaghetti Bolognaise, banana and mango dessert or lasagne as a purée? Mr Williams even gave the space food a try – he wasn’t so keen!

The most favourable challenges included completing writing using the zero gravity force, physical fitness challenges – are you strong enough to travel, food tasting and team building exercises.

Miss Newton-Smith, Mr Tyas and Miss Cubitt were incredibly pleased with how all the children positively tested their agility and endurance.

Take a look at todays challenges!

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