Instructional writing in class 5: Stone Age fruit stew

After a fantastic first week of learning all about the Stone Age, today our Y4’s have fully immersed themselves into what food was like during the Stone Age. Following on from our learning all about using natural resources to make a good prehistoric dye, today the children have followed their own instructional piece of writing to create our very own Stone Age fruit stew.

Using the children’s knowledge and our learning so far of what people in the Stone Age would eat, we carefully wrote a method for our recipe making sure to only use natural resources. As you can see in the pictures the children carefully mushed up the berries to try their very best to get the most juice from the fruit. Then we put it altogether in a great big pot. Finally the children added tree sap (golden syrup and honey) to give the stew a sweeter taste. The children all worked fantastically together demonstrating great team work skills and patience for the stew to be ready to try.

When it finally came to evaluating the stew, there was a lot of mixed reviews with some children really liking it but on the other hand there was others that said it was simply too sweet!!

Well done Class 5 on a fantastic start to the week!


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