KS1 Mental Health Week P4C

Today all of the children in KS1 took part in a P4C related to mental health week. We read the story ‘Lucy’s blue day’ about a young girl whose hair changes colour depending on her mood. This was the perfect stimulus to get the children speaking about which colour hair they would have today and opened up a dialogue about how we are feeling and why. We then broke off into smaller groups to speak about mental health and how it effects the lives of the people who experience bad mental health. We came up with some questions we would like to find out more about and voted for the question we thought was the most interesting. The children were intrigued by mental health and whether it has an effect on the physical health of a person, therefore our ongoing question now is: ‘how does mental health effect your body?’ The children were unbelievably mature about such a sensitive subject and used great active listening skills when other children were speaking.

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