SUMDOG competition starts today and the TT rockstar competition continues for the second week…

Today is the start of the weekly SUMDOG competition. Certificates are available, so please encourage all children to enter. This competition is on for a week only.

The results are in for the second weekly timetables league competition. In first place, it’s class 7 again, class 6 in second place and class 8 in third place.

Here are the top scoring pupils in each key stage:
Rennell M
Lizzie C
Jed S – again!

Laura S
Esme L
Harry S – again!

Miss Newton-Smith has added time restrictions onto this weeks timetables competition – your children can practise between the times of 7am-7pm each day, to ensure enough rest and sleep is in place.
Class winners will be announced again on Friday.

Good luck to all children, and hope all families, children and our school staff have a wonderful weekend.

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