Studying Holbein and Picasso in Year 5

As part of our artist study in art, class 6 have been studying the work of Hans Holbein and Pablo Picasso, alongside our learning about the monarchy in history and our class text: ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty.

Developing our learning with different mediums in art, the children have chosen to develop their sketching skills with swabs of different mediums, including acrylic paint, pastel and/or water colour paint.

Using a range of different mediums through use of layering techniques used by different artists, the children have explored a range of colours, patterns and techniques. As part of our learning with paints, the children have experimented with different strokes and different width paintbrushes to create their small pieces of art work in the style of one of two artists.

Take a look at some of the Year 5 practise pieces within their sketch books.

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