Drama in Y3S

Today Class 4 completed many different drama activities in relation to a setting from our new class text ”meet me by the steelmen”. The setting was Meadowhall.

Children were given many different scenarios about this setting that they had to show in freeze frames. For example; getting trapped at night time in Meadowhall, visiting on a busy day and arriving there for the first time.

Children then went on to create a conscience alley for different scenarios for example: returning to Meadowhall after a horrible experience, queuing for a long time in their favourite shop, a parent wanting to take them shopping but their favourite tv show was on etc.

Children finally completed some hot seating with Tilly, Olivia and Harvey being different people who had been to Meadowhall for different reasons: a shop worker, an elderly person and a shopper.

The children loved it and really thought carefully in role – well done Class 4!

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