Year 5’s Educational Visit Day at Leicester Space Centre

During yesterdays visit to Leicester Space Centre, the children went back to the 1960s and experienced what it would be like to be a citizen witnessing the moon landing and listening to it on the radio! They explored 1960s decor, read memories of what people were doing at the time of the moon landing and even found out that the price of a McDonalds cheeseburger would have been 20p!

We learnt about the different missions to space and even observed a declaration signed by the astronauts of Apollo 11 to confirm that the moon rock samples and dust that they were returned were 100% genuine.

The children have directed news as expert broadcasters, and have observed a rocket that was used to launch missiles. They even learnt about the different animals and creatures were sent into space! Did you know that a tortoise was sent into space?

The children had a busy but extremely fascinating day at the Leicester Space Centre. Here are some additional photos from the learning experiences throughout the day.

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