White Rose Maths Competition – ‘Barvember’ in November

Barvember 2022 is here! Throughout this month, White Rose Maths have issued their yearly challenge, which has been running for the last five years called ‘barvember’.

Each day in November, there are a range of problems each school day within the month. There are some fantastic prizes to give away, including maths challenge workbooks, pencil cases, cuddly toys, pin badges and trolley coins!

Here is the opportunity to share your child’s solutions via dojo, photos, and everything else Barvember.

Miss Newton-Smith will be sharing some of the maths challenges on dojo throughout the month. If your child(ren) wish to enter, please send a photo of your child using a bar model to help them via dojo and Miss Newton-Smith will share the entries with White Rose Maths, and don’t forget to specify it’s for ‘barvember’!

Check out the first two days problems to try and Darrelle’s entry today from class 6…

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