Space Exploration Afternoon

The children in Year 5 were invited to a space exploration afternoon at Rockingham Junior and Infant School today. The science ambassadors across the academy voted on what science experience the children could be part of if they were going to plan something for children in our academy. They voted for a space VR and planetarium experience for the classes attending.

We have joined up with our other schools in the academy today. We have been lucky enough to visit a planetarium, take part on an adventure in space via a VR experience and began to learn about interesting facts to support with prior learning in preparation for the autumn term, as we learn about space and what’s our there in our solar system.

We even got to observe Tim Peake in action in space and observe and investigate how other astronauts sleep within a space module during their time at the space station. Certainly a memorable afternoon.

Take a look at some of the experiences we’ve been part of… as we travelled on foot to one of our schools in the local area #excellence #profoundmemorableexperiences

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