P4C in Year 5/6 – Recycling

This week, children in Y5/6 have focused upon the topic of recycling and the effects of this on our school, at home, the wider community and the planet.

During our P4C session, we voted and agreed to consider the question ‘Is it ever right to litter even though animals are being harmed as a result of plastic pollution?’

The Y5/6 children were able to provide detailed insights by applying their prior learning into why plastic pollution is a global issue and what could be done in order to help prevent this. Ideas such as ‘saying no to plastic straws’ as well as ‘always carrying reusable bottle’ were common answers that we could identify we already did within our school.

Our next steps will be to consider how we can spread more awareness within our wider community.

Fantastic contributions from all of the children today – well done.

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