In art, Year 5 begin their artist study about Peter Thorpe.

In our art lessons, the children have begun to learn about the abstract works of artist ‘Peter Thorpe’, who has created artwork inspired by his interest in the Solar System.

We have carefully looked at some of his works and then practised skills to develop tone, tint and shade by layering colours with pastels.

In our next lesson, we will be using pastels to create an abstract background of our own based on the planets that we have been writing about in literacy.

Peter Thorpe is known for his art work that features rockets and elements of space. Take a look at the picture below which includes some of his masterpieces.

A quote from Peter Thorpe:

“I started the rocket paintings in the 1980s as a way to use paint that I would have otherwise thrown away. After each commercial job I did, there would be a pallet half full of paint left over and it pained me to throw it away, but the next painting required a new pallet. It finally occured to me that I could easily paint an abstract background on a blank board or canvas with the left over paint.”

Which one of his masterpieces is your favourite?

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