Year 5 and EYFS celebrate at the same time as the residents for our NEMESIS project

From our the NEMESIS community project, the children fundraised to create for an opportunity for the residents at a local care home – Cherry Tree’s Care home – to have an afternoon tea experience, as they were unable to come and visit us at school.

We managed to fund for 80 scones, tea bags, jam, cream, butter, and send a hamper of biscuits and body shop hand creams for the residents to enjoy this afternoon.

This afternoon, we celebrated in our separate bubbles and enjoyed some treats and reflected on how our actions have helped and supported other people in our local community.

Due to the change in restrictions, we weren’t able to visit the care home, but we have managed to create an experience for us and them which we can enjoy at the same time.

Look out for photos of their experience that they will be sharing with us.

Well done to all children.


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