Year 5 explore habitats in and around the pond

In science, Year 5 explored different habitats before learning about metamorphosis in our next lesson.

The children found a range of creatures and insects this afternoon that were located in very surprising places around the school’s fabulous pond area.

Here is a selection of some of the live living things that we found…

Riley found some tadpoles (of different sizes)!Isobel found wood lice in a damp habitat, Harrison found some interesting specimens (orange slugs)! Lennon and Oscar found some spiders, and Saha and Brianne spotted a wasp extracting and transferring pollen, as they visited flowers to drink the nectar.

Next session, we will move onto looking at some of these creatures from these habitats and the development of amphibians.

Why not take a look at our fabulous learning in action this afternoon…

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