Year 5 learn about growing plants from cuttings

In science, class 7 have been learning how to be green fingered!

They have been learning about two different types of reproduction – sexual and asexual reproduction of plants and flowers. We found out that asexual reproduction is where only one parent plant is needed to produce offspring.

Using the cutting of a spring onion, children in class 7 learnt about propagation and learnt about what plants need to survive.

As part of our investigation, we interviewed Mrs Lennard who has an allotment and asked her how we needed to care for our plants.

Five volunteers are taking cuttings home for the holidays with strict instructions of watering them and providing a certain amount of sunlight. The children discussed different variables for our investigation and decided to ensure one of the cuttings remained in complete darkness.

As a treat, year 5 children took home a packet of sunflower seeds to plant at home.

Watch this space after half term to find out the results…

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