1000 degree heat in Year 4!

What an amazing experience we had today in Year 4!

We were very privileged today to watch Mr Brooks, from Casting Innovations, melt real aluminium cans and mould them into new objects!

As part of our Going Green topic, we wrote an email to Mr Brooks after our litter pick last week, to see if he could help us to recycle all the cans we found …

… and he replied telling us just how excited he was to work with us …

So today, we got to see (live from Mr Brooks’ workshop!) how he melts aluminium cans by heating them in his furnace (to an incredible 1000 degrees!) before pouring the liquid metal into moulds to form new shapes … recycling them into brand new products!

We can’t wait to see Mr Brooks again after the holidays, when he’ll be helping us to recycle all of the cans we found on our litter pick, to make something very special for our school!

Well done everyone!

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