Year 5 – Crack the code!

In maths, we have been converting fractions and it has been extremely challenging!

We’ve certainly needed lots of resilience this week whilst we have been problem-solving at home and start our maths enquiry.
We have looked at improper fractions and mixed number fractions. As part of our Elizabethans and Tudors topic, we have begun our ‘Cluedo codebreakers challenge’.

During the next month, the children in class 7 will work out the following:
Who was the culprit?
Where was the crime committed?
What were their motives?
Once all the fractions have been converted, we can narrow down the suspects and the real culprit will be revealed…

Our possible suspects so far include Katherine Howard, Henry VIII and Mary I (also referred to as Mary Tudor, or ‘Bloody Mary’.

Look out for further clues along the way – we hope you can help us with our maths enquiry!

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