Authors, Illustrators and Story Book Makers …

Y4G have become all 3!

Mrs Graham is so proud she’s even starting to rhyme!

We’ve been writing our own stories, based on our class text, Stig of the Dump, and they are just amazing! These children have shown resilience, determination and real pride in their outcomes, whether at home or at school, and we could not be more proud of them! Well done, Year 4!

Take a look at some of their incredible learning…

Beautifully written and illustrated at home! Well done, Ruby!

Sharing his creative story writing by reading aloud from home! Fantastic, Lewis!

Beautifully published and illustrated at home! Well done, Ellie!

Another eye-catching front cover! Well done, Beth!

Kornelija sharing her creative story writing, reading aloud from school! Well done!


Beautifully published learning at school! Well done, Kaitlin!

Beautiful reading from home, River! Well done!

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