SUMDOG contest 2021 results are in…

As a school, we had a total of 323 students answer questions… 78935 questions correctly, to be precise! Well done to you all. We do hope the maths part of your brain has had time to recover this weekend and ready for our fantastic live maths sessions this week.

A huge congratulations to and drumroll to… class 8. They’ve only gone and done it again! Class 8 is the overall winner in the Rotherham contest.

Roughwood Primary School did really well last year. ‘Second’ in the Academy Timestable Rockstars 2020 competition, and we’ve done it again. Congratulations!

Miss Newton-Smith has attached your certificate below, and will award you with your class certificate on behalf of SUMDOG when you are all back in school, which you will need to put in ‘pride of place’ in your classroom.

See below for the other daily winners and ‘top ten high scorers’ for each day of the week.

Well done to all children in school and at home who competed in the SUMDOG competition this week.

Congratulations again to the children of class 8 and of course, to Miss Dungworth and Mr Calvert.

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