Year 5 begin their embroidery – Lockdown 2021

After making up the art packs for the year 5 children at home, the children in year 5 had their very first live lesson on embroidery from home.

We learnt about what embroidery is, how it was as a hobby within the 16th and 17th centuries, and began learning how to use a needle. The children couldn’t believe that the PS4 was not an option in the Elizabethan and Tudor era!

We were very resilient threading our own needles, with a little supervision from our adults at home. Miss Newton-Smith was extremely proud of the children and their embroidery skills – it wasn’t easy! A huge well done to adults at home too.

As we started our embroidery, we learnt about the Tudor rose and the meaning behind the white rose the red rose as a historic emblem of England

Year 5 – If you missed the lesson, or you need to go through the steps again, please see the live session tutorial which is on Google classroom

Looking forward to next week for lesson two!

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