Y5 Returning to School Q&A

We are inviting children back to school who are in Year 5 from Wednesday 24th June. Our Year 6 children wanted to show you what kinds of things you may expect when you return so they have created a short video.

Children have also helped answer some of the most common questions below.

Q. What is Social Distancing?

A. The government recommend we keep 2 meters away from others. We are doing this as much as possible in school and keeping our distance from other children and adults in school where possible.

Q. What if I hurt myself?

A. If you have an accident in school then we will look after you as we normally would. If there is time, adults may put on a visor to protect themselves and you. If it was an emergency, adults would do what every was necessary to help you as soon as possible. If you need help getting up because you have fallen over, adults will help you up. If you were upset, adults would comfort you.

Q. What do you do in lessons?

A. We are learning as normal but we know you have not been in school for a long time so expect to be outside much more and learn through art. You will have PE every week within your bubble. You will complete a ‘Life after lockdown’ piece of learning in the first few days back.

Q. What is a bubble?

A. A bubble is what we are calling a group of children and staff. Your bubble will only come into contact with limited staff and will not mix with other children.

Q. How many children will be in my bubble?

A. The government says bubbles should not be more than 15. Our biggest bubble could be 14 but many are much lower with around 10 children in each bubble.

Q. Can I be in a bubble with my friends?

A. Teachers have created bubbles of children and thought about friendship groups but we cannot take requests. You will be familiar with all the children in your bubble.

Q. What happens at Lunchtime?

A. Your group has their own adult who will take you to lunch and look after you in the dining hall and then when all children have eaten, they will take you outside.

Q. What’s on the lunch menu?

A. The lunch menu has been adapted slightly because there are fewer children in school. There is always a hot meal choice and we have chosen some of the most popular meals.

Q. What happens if I forget to social distance, will I get in trouble?

A. No. You will be politely reminded about trying to keep to social distancing rules. We are all encouraged to politely remind others about social distancing if someone gets too close.

Q. What happens at break times?

A. Break times are staggered so that Y6 will go out together and Y5 will go out together at separate times. When outside there are activities you can play in your bubbles.

Q. What time does school start?

A. We have staggered start times. Year 6 children arrive at 8:40 am in the morning and Year 5 arrive at 9:15. This makes sure we can social distance when coming into school because it will not be too busy. Children in Year 1 start at 9:00 am and Foundation 2 children start at 9:30 am for the same reasons.

Q. Do we still use the ICT suite and iPad?

A. Yes, we are using technology to present our learning in different ways. We will be wiping down keyboards, mice and iPad screens after we use them.

Q. Do we share equipment?

A. No. You will have a clear plastic wallet with your own personal equipment to use in class. This will be kept in your draw and only used by you. We don’t share crayons, glue sticks or any other equipment.

Q. Do we have to was our hands all the time?

A. We are washing our hands much more than we usually would as this is what will help stop the virus. We wash our hands at transition points such as, coming into school; before break and lunch; after break and lunch; and before we go home. You may also want to wash your hands at other points during the day and that is fine.

Q. Will we be scaling?

A. Yes, of course. Everyone in school is scaling because it’s a great way to see how children and adults are feeling. If you need to talk to someone you will be able to. Miss Whitworth is also in school and is available to talk if you need to.

Q. Is school clean?

A. Of course. Your classroom is cleaned twice a day. It is deep cleaned in an evening or morning and then at lunchtimes. While you are having lunch, surfaces are wiped down along with any other things which lot’s of people touch such as door handles and hand rails. Toilets are also cleaned twice a day.

Q. Can I come to school on my bike or scooter?

A. Sadly, not yet. We will let you know when you can. At the moment, we want to get into a good routine first and make sure we all know what to do when coming to and leaving school.

Q. Do I have to wear school uniform?

A. Yes, we are at school and you should wear full school uniform. This helps us feel like we belong and that we are all part of the Roughwood family, here to support each other.

Q. Do I need a water bottle?

A. Yes, you need to bring your own water bottle to keep on your desk. This must go home every night to be cleaned.

If you have a child in Foundation 2, we are working on a video to give you more information and more Q&A’s.

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