Nurture & HUB Week 3

We have had another supportive and positive week in our online class! Thank you for sharing your stories, pictures, creations and ideas. You are all superstars!

Mr Whitehouse gave us such a wonderful ‘Motivational Monday’ task – He asked to to create a Jar of Positivity and to fill it with things that we like about ourselves. This is a lovely task as when we are feeling down or unsure of ourselves we can pick a positive message out and read it 🙂 What positive messages would you put in your jar?

On ‘Tell Us Tuesday’ we talked about our favourite film characters! It was brilliant to be reminded of some fantastic films that I can watch again (toy story)… It was also the perfect excuse to listen to Disney songs all day 🙂

Mrs Crossland reminded us to take some ‘me time’ on ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ You must take time for yourselves and do things that make you happy during this strange time – it is important to complete our learning and be resilient but your happiness and well being comes first, look after your hearts and heads 🙂

‘Throwback Thursday’ gave us the chance to share a happy moment in our lives! Thank you for sharing your happy moments with us, it is so brilliant to see your smiling faces and and to take a little bit of time out of your day to think about wonderful time you have had! Such a perfect way to end the week from Mr Whitehouse…

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend with your families… See you on Monday x

Layla’s fantastic jar
Positive uplifting messages from Xander
Two of Miss Whitworth’s favourite characters – Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

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