StaySafeStayActive Competition

More guidance and support can be found on Class Dojo.

The STARS South Yorkshire team and Travel South Yorkshire are launching a new #StaySafeGetActive competition in partnership with Great Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian and current Sheffield City Region Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey.
We want to encourage children and families to think about the things they are learning at this time and to consider how they will take these lessons forward to ensure that everyone continues to lead safer, healthier and greener lives in future.

To achieve this, we’re inviting children and young people from across South Yorkshire to create a story, poem, poster or comic strip about the positive changes taking place in their lives right now and to inspire friends, family and classmates to continue these activities as part of our daily lives when schools and workplaces re-open.

The best entries will be published in a book to inspire others to
Stay Safe and Get Active.

Our usual way of life has turned upside down but, despite these challenging times, new opportunities have encouraged positive change. Many parents and children are spending more time as a family and local communities are coming together. More and more people are taking the time to consider their health through daily walks or by riding their bikes and scooters. With a reduction in traffic on the roads, the air we breathe is becoming cleaner and our streets are becoming safer, more welcoming places to live, work and play. Some cities have seen nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels fall by as much as 60%, with huge benefits to our health and wellbeing.
What we want
In the not too distance future, schools and workplaces will re-open and we will be faced with a choice. Do we forget the lessons that we have learnt or do we maintain some of the positive changes that we have made over the past few weeks?
Walking, cycling and scooting to school are simple and easy ways for us to spend time together, staying healthy and protecting our planet.


We’re inviting children and families to create a short story, poem, poster or comic about the positive changes that they have made over the last few weeks and to inspire others to stay safe and get active through healthier, greener journeys when schools reopen.

Further guidance and tips can be found on the
Travel South Yorkshire website:
Please also visit us on Twitter and Facebook  

Entries must be submitted on one sheet of A4 paper in landscape to ensure that it can be converted into a book.

Email your entry to:
by Friday 22nd May 2020
Please include your name, age and school.

The best entries will be published in a book to inspire others to
Stay Safe and Get Active both now and in the future.

We also encourage children and families to share their work and active travel journeys through social media using the hashtag #StaySafeGetActive

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