Hygiene Handbags for the Homeless

Members of Class 6 have been working tirelessly to persuade their families and members of the public to donate sanitary and hygiene products to help the homeless people of Rotherham. We asked staff at My Place (a drop in centre in Rotherham) which products would be most useful and have written letters to parents asking for donations. Here we are sorting through some of the items we have been given.

If you have any unwanted products, or would like to buy something to donate, we would be very grateful. “It feels really good, doing something for somebody else. It makes you feel really proud that you could help!” said Imarni.

This links well with our current learning on Robin Hood, the local legend, who also went out of his way to make sure that everyone had all that they needed to survive. Fortunately, we are not acquiring our products nefariously: they have all been donated willingly! However, we still desperately need more bags and products.

Please send any further donations to Class 6 or the Nurture Department.

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