“I’m not scared,” said the Gruffalo’s Child!

In Acorns, we had a wonderful time with Pop. He set up the outdoor area based on the book we have been reading, The Gruffalo’s Child. To start with, we had to find different pieces of ice and snow hiding around the woodland area. Once we had collected them, we then went to collect different natural resources to help make our pictures, these included grass, sticks, leaves and flowers. We placed them on our black paper. Then with the help from our grown ups, we spray painted our pictures. Once it had dried we took away the items and placed on a stencil of the Gruffalo or the Mouse.

After that, we read the story and acted it out. We moved around the woodland area looking at the different houses and following the different trails. It was great fun!

To finish our session we played some woodland games.


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