Gold Anti-Bullying Award

We are proud to receive this award on behalf of all the Roughwood School community. We work hard to be caring and supportive of each other. 

We accept everyone for what makes them special. We empower everyone to make a change and stop any form of bullying through P4C, circle times, and restorative practice led by our RP Reps. 

Our school has an open-door policy and everyone knows who they can talk to. Our rating system means we know how each other are feeling and we can help if needed. 

We have a friendship bench which was busy when it was first introduced but now much quieter. Our aim is that no children feel they have no one to play with. We look after each other. 

We are proud of nurture and know we can use it if we need to. Our teachers talk to us about our feelings and we like this because it helps us understand others. 

Thank you for the award and we will continue to improve to make sure we say no to bullying.

-School Council

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