Science ambassadors visit Shireoaks Marina

13768951-71CF-4587-99C4-BB53DB200B010377F28A-93F6-4746-8ACA-BD82302BC01F9C8735B3-7EA5-46D4-804B-3D2D7B726AB1D8C1792A-F8F8-46F4-A26C-B1D3C41A4D3ABA88AF0C-6E70-4B41-AC9D-B37CF61D5214D21BF19C-9544-481D-891D-9E6D6C1D27A035B255DB-DBF5-42AA-84F6-3212C273181C503CDA67-B6AD-466E-A20A-96CE95BF00523B0816D4-D5A7-4939-8F73-0A16A2EA1B8902A224C3-F0CF-4C5B-8566-C7621627CDEDOn Wednesday the science ambassadors got a day out of school to visit Shireoaks Marina. We went on narrow boat down the canal, learnt how the canals locks work, looked at the dawn rose and went pond dipping. We found lots of different creatures in the canal. Our science ambassadors really did show just how interested and inquisitive they were about all aspects of science.

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