A day in Sheffield

2DFB218C-3BE4-45E6-AF5F-4BC423EDA636255032C4-7501-462C-8180-EE2B3B81FF5B31E3F6A9-8AB6-429F-A596-9F6FE7CB7CFB0406EC19-0B54-4636-BD12-70D31AD32F3908A6BAB9-502E-40D6-8033-DC01656CA34CE96F4D93-D090-4661-A727-38BA213EA7D8A26F71B1-9E34-4463-952F-FC0648122CC015E71C81-D309-4617-89EF-D0DBF17129C6E5F3C55D-84AD-4B1C-BD05-8E177917460EC44EA36D-2518-45B8-ABA5-B63E478ECF481FEAB318-4448-4E1E-A298-FB795698945F617B2D88-1208-4215-AB93-B0F0E010F5504D5BF7BB-9D20-44FA-91F7-5B3E68DDDF76Class 4 caught the bus and the traintram to Sheffield. On the way we were looking for Sheffield landmarks and we spotted quite a few. Once in Sheffield we had a lovely day. We visited the cathedral and had lunch in the Winter Gardens and spotted lots of animals. After that, we went to the Millenium Gallery and had an ice lolly sat in the Peace Gardens to end our day.

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