Ilam Hall

Over the past few days (12th to 14th) the children from class 6 and 7 have been explorers in Ilam.
On Tuesday, we settled into the hall, unpacked our clothes and then started our adventure. The children split into two groups. One went off orienteering around Ilam Park (they had to direct the teachers and YHA hostel staff) and the other group went on a mini-beast hunt and built their own mini-beast habitats. In the evening, after our meal, the children had to create their own egg astronaut stories and then had to design and make their own rockets from a plastic bottle.

On Wednesday, we started our day with a cooked breakfast. Then we set off on our adventure to Dovedale Stepping Stones. On the way to the stepping stones, we stopped off at a rock point that contains many different fossils. Evie and Robbie were very lucky and found their own fossils. Sam and Faye (the YHA Staff) pointed out a fossil that was still part of the rock face and explained to the children how they were there. We then carried on our walk to the stepping stones. Once we reached them, we were extremely proud that all the children crossed the stepping stones! On the return to Ilam Hall, we had a few soggy shoes in the mud but we all got back safely!

Once we got back we launched our Egg Rockets. The children didn’t believe how high they could go! Out of all the eggs launched, only 2 survived the impact of the return to Earth. In the afternoon the groups from yesterday’s activities swapped over.


On Thursday, we woke up and packed up. Once we were ready we did our final activity – Team building challenges! The children had to work together to do a range of challenges to use a range of their skills on working as a team.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the photos are now only being uploaded.

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