Roughwood Masterchef

Cooking club is fully up and running now at Roughwood and what mini chefs we are becoming.

Week 1 we made our very own fruit kebabs with melted chocolate. Each child had the opportunity to taste fruits they haven’t had before. Leading them to create their own fruit kebabs and adding a little treat of melted chocolate.

Week 2 has been all about main courses. The children have prepared all the chicken and vegetables to make a chicken & Black Bean stir fry with noodles. It started off with no one liking any of the ingredients apart from chicken and carrots. By the end all the children had had a try and loved their stir fry! We have already had messages asking for an ingredient list and recipe! Every child managed to take a small amount home with some added extras (prawn crackers) to share with their family to show what we had created this week!

I already can’t wait for next weeks cooking instalment!

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