What a Busy Week!

On Tuesday, we took advantage of the windy weather in Foundation 1, we made kites and ribbon sticks for children to run and dance in the wind. We quickly learnt that our kites only flew if we ran with the wind. We had so much fun!

On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, we released both ours and chestnut’s butterflies. They did not want to fly away so some brave children had a go at holding them.

On Thursday, we had a special visit from Zoo Lab. They brought lots of different mini-beasts and animals in for us to look at and hold. We met Sophie the snail, Maxine the millipede, Steve the scorpion, Gary the gecko, Carla the cockroach and Sophie the snake. We had lots of brave children that held the animals and described how they felt.

Even after such a busy week, we enjoyed lots of outdoor learning. We really enjoyed using the ramps to push the cars down and find out which number they landed on. We also experimented with making the ramp high or lower to see what happened to the speed of our cars.

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