Moorland Discovery Centre

This term in Class 2 we are learning all about recycling and conservation. Today we have enjoyed ourselves at the Moorland Discovery Centre.

First we explored the woodlands, collecting different leaf shapes and investigated which different animals live there.

Then we visited the Kitchen Garden and discovered the different types of fruits and vegetables that are growing there. We learned all about compost, what can be composted and how long composted items take to breakdown. We even made our own newspaper pots and planted some wild flower seeds in them, we will have to wait until Spring to see them grow!

Last of all we followed a path through the woods, looking for objects along the way. We sorted the objects into natural materials and man-made materials. It is important that we re-use and recycle our rubbish when possible. Our next plan of action in Class 2 is to discuss the ways in which we could improve recycling within school.

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