The Noisy Paint Box

We used the stimulus of ‘The Noisy Paint Box’ for our P4C enquiry. We listened to the story and used 4 pictures from the book to discuss some questions. Each group voted for their favourite picture and wrote reasons why on post-it notes. We then used our favourite picture to think of different questions to discuss.

Logan: Why is he writing?

Renell: Why did he paint on the box?

Buster: Who made it colourful?

Kornelija, Roby and Ellie: How can it sing?

Skylah: How does it paint?

Lizzie: Who made the picture?

Freya: Why does it look like a rainbow?

Aron: Why is it going up?

The question we chose was: How does paint dance?

We will discuss this more in our next P4C session.

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