Road Safety in Class 5

This afternoon class 5 had a road safety session with the people from company ‘Gist’. They spoke to us about being safe on the roads. Did you know a lorry stops at a stopping distance of 25 meters when travelling  30 mph. This means we need to make sure we are always safe along the roads and when crossing the roads. We have been advised that when we are walking along the pavement, walking along the middle of the pavement is the safest option, also that the youngest person should be on the inside and the oldest on the outside.

We then went outside to look around a lorry and put everything we were told into practice. Miss Woodward sat in the drivers seat and we played a game of ‘hide and seek’ this was to demonstrate the blind spots in the lorry that a driver has to deal with.

Then we all got to sit in the lorry and see what it was like.

Roxanne scared us all by pressing the horn button!


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