Class 5 – Cannon Hall Farm Trip


Firstly, we were so glad that the rain stayed away and the sun shone for our trip to Cannon Hall Farm. Once we arrived at the farm the children were very excited to drop off their lunch bags and then start to explore. As soon as you walked in the gates we were greeted by the meerkats and their 4 babies. These have not got names yet so we gave our suggestions to the staff at the farm. We had a walk around and found the ferrets and the turkeys/chickens. Here the children found a few eggs and a newly hatched baby turkey.

Then we met up with our tour guide Dale. He showed us around the main section of the farm and introduced us to some new names for pigs. Did you know a mother pig is called a Sow and a father pig is called a Boar? We didn’t know this! On our journey around the Pig houses we found that a lot of the Sow pigs were due to have their babies in the next 3-5 days and that some of the piglets in there were already 4 weeks old.

We then found the new baby piglets that were only 3 days old. Miss Woodward had the privilege to see one of these piglets be born on the Saturday when she went for her pre visit. We counted all the piglets and Dale told us that a sow pig usually has between 12 and 16 baby piglets each time! That’s too many children for our mums to take care of!

Dale then took us on a tractor ride around the farm and told us some very important information on how the farm is run. Here they have over 3000 animals that are rotated to be in the holding houses and out on the fields. We also saw the oldest animal living on the farm which was a Llama, he was 26 years old! By this time we wanted to see some of the smaller animals on the farm so Dale introduced us to Dandelion the Guinea Pig and Snowflake the rabbit.

Once our guided tour was over we were absolutely STARVING! But we also really, really wanted to watch the sheep racing. We all chose a sheep we would represent in the race. The red sheep won! Then there was a prize draw and someone from Class 6 won!!

After dinner time we had another explore of the farm – we saw how a dairy cow called Jasmine gets milked. This was very interesting to watch and listen to how they produce the milk – Then we went exploring the reptile house where we all got to feel and hold a cockroach from Madagascar. Then we had a play on the play area before getting on the coach to return to school.


It was an amazing day and we loved it!

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