Cannon Hall Farm visit


Class 6 visited Cannon Hall Farm on Tuesday 19th September, and what a day we had!

Firstly, we were all really glad that there wasn’t any sign of rain! In fact, it was quite sunny. We boarded the coach and made our way to the farm. Once there, we went on a walk whilst we waited for the guided tour. We visited the reptile house and looked at lots of creatures like chameleons, bearded dragons and corn snakes, we saw the meerkats who were really playful, and then we went to see the turkeys and chickens.

After all of this, it was time for our tour. Our leader was called Daryl and he showed us the new piglets who were only two days old! We learnt about which animals give us our food or clothing and it was interesting to find out about the farming cycle. We then were taken on a tractor ride to visit more animals which was really fun! (and it was nice to sit down for a little bit)!


Then it was time for something a bit different… sheep racing! We watched four sheep race and whoever had the winning colour had the chance to win the prize… well, Kenneth had the lucky ticket of RED 632, so he won free entry to return to the farm again! How lucky!

At this point the children were RAVENOUS so we had lunch, and then went to watch a cow being milked. It was again very interesting as it was something most of us had never seen. Jasmine the cow produced 16 litres of milk – that was enough to fill 8 coca cola pop bottles! The farmer explained that this milk was used for other animals and wasn’t the milk we would find in our shops, but the meat and other produce was.

We then went to look at some sheep and stroked a baby rabbit. It was then almost home time so we had a little treat… we went on the park! We enjoyed climbing and went on a really high and fast slide.

Eventually, it was time to return home. We were all very thirsty and tired, but mostly, we all really enjoyed our day and learnt a lot about farming and where our food comes from.

A fantastic day of learning!



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